Opticians have changed. The last time I went for an eye test, it was a case of stare at the chart, wondering if that was a “F” or a “P”, while someone played around with lenses and bits of plastic. This time, it was like entering the bridge of the Enterprise, being taken from whizzy machine to whizzy machine.

I suspect I’m not alone in discovering this leap in eye-testing tech. After almost a year of working from home, many of us are becoming more adept at multi-tasking but there’s a very good chance that’s left many of us with eyes that are struggling to cope. It’s the reason ZEISS Vision Care has developed new, technologically advanced lenses that help us to see more clearly as we switch between laptop and homeschooling, smart device and the wider world around us.

After the machines had done their thing it was back to a more old school, manual approach to select the frames – with the assistance of a very helpful lady who proved highly adept at picking the right frames for my face and thus successfully persuaded me that I also needed sunglasses. From there, you’re “attacked” by pen as they draw all over the lenses to mark precisely where my pupils are at any given time. From testing and measuring to collecting the finished glasses took less than two weeks. A fine job, frankly.

“When you put them on, it’ll be like seeing for the first time,” the very helpful lady told me. “It’s like the contrast just got turned up.” On first wearing, the change wasn’t that noticeable. A day or so later, however, I put on my old glasses and, well, wow. The world looked warped and dull, and they were rapidly swapped for the new ZEISS pair. The world may still not make sense but it is at least now in focus. These come highly recommended.

ZEISS SmartLife Lenses – as pictured with Cartwright frames from Cubitts – retail from £450*. To find your closest, nationwide ZEISS optician visit https://www.zeiss.co.uk/vision-care/search/find-an-eye-care-professional-near-you.html.

*This is based on Cubitts Opticians prices in February 2021, for the Cartwright frame and ZEISS SmartLife lenses. Prices depend on your prescription and any additional coatings. Prices for purchasing ZEISS lenses are entirely at the discretion of the retailer.

DH Thomas Eyecare, Saffron Walden and Cambridge. I chose Tom Ford frames with ZEISS SmartLife Lenses with DuraVision® Platinum coating for increased durability (RRP: £215) and a pair of RayBan sunglasses featuring ZEISS SmartLife Lenses with DuraVision® Platinum coating. I also chose the polarised option to reduce reflections and perceived glare. (RRP: £285)