Porto? Nuno? Goodo.

You need another reason to visit Portugal? We mean, the custard tarts. The weather. The wine. The port. The seafood. The custard tarts. Yes. We know. But we REALLY like the custard tarts.

Anyway, if that lot wasn’t enough for you, Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes has opened two new places in Largo de São Domingos, Porto’s historic riverside region. There’s a restaurant, Cozinha das Flores, which will celebrate the food culture, wines, techniques, and ingredients of the North – which is where Nuno’s mum is from. The adjacent 12-seat bar, Flôr, will “embrace a fun and contemporary take on Portugal’s global food culture, serving a light breakfast in the morning and a menu of inventive cocktails through day and night, with mixologist Tatiana Cardoso at the helm.” Both places are part of a bigger hotel project The Largo opening later this year.

As Nuno puts it, his hope is “that both Cozinha das Flores and Flôr will become an integral part of the city of Porto, a ‘home’ for both locals and visitors alike; a welcoming, convivial and bohemian experience suitable for anytime of the day or occasion. We’ve given a lot of thought to our offering and space, but I really would love our guests to come out of Cozinha das Flores and say, ‘man, this place is fun!’”

Well, a) based on past Nuno-based experiences, that’s probably a given. And b) if it’s not, then there’s always custard tarts. And, according to menu, there are also Turnip Natas, a tart made of creamy turnip custard topped with fresh caviar… Hey, if anyone can get away with it, it’s Nuno Mendes.

62 Largo de São Domingos, 4050–545, PortoTelephone +351 229 760 001

And the website can be found by clicking right here…