Measuring less than 8mm deep, the Samsung LED 9000 is one of the slimmest and sleekest TVs on the market. And did we mention it’s fully 3D compatible allowing users to convert exisitng 2D content into 3D? So you can enjoy your favourite games, movies and that sitter ‘even you could have scored’ in truly immersive frustration. What’s more, Samsung’s Internet@TV allows you to access a wide range of internet applications such as movie downloads from LOVEFiLM, BBC iPlayer and YouTube and such stalwarts of social networking as Facebook and Twitter, presumably so you can inanely post, ‘Heh, look at me, I’m watching 3D TV!’ If that’s not enough, the Premium Touch Remote contains an in-built screen which offers viewers the ability to watch the football whilst the wife catches up with the X Factor. Glasses not included.