Fly Victor is an online market place for private jet charter and seat sales. It is the biggest innovation to happen within the private jet industry since the introduction of fractional ownership. For the first time, jet charterers can sell off surplus seats or empty legs to individual seat buyers.

Since launch in August 2011, Victor has over 800 members, an average of 100 new members are joining each month. With over 50 operators and 200 aircraft contracted to Victor it is largest contracted fleet of private jets across Europe.

Membership is free and there are no prepayments or upfront costs. It is a one stop shop for private jet charter and seat buying the worlds first quote-comparison and transactional platform for searching for and booking a private flight at the best spot market price.

Jet charterers have the option of making surplus seats on their aircraft, or on the empty leg, available for sale to other Victor members. Individual seat buyers can search for available seats on preferred route and date, or indicate their interest in a particular route to other Victor members. The Victor system will send out email alerts when flights and seats become available.

Victors “Fareshare” pricing mechanism means the price of a seat on a flight reduces every time a seat is sold on that flight. Alternatively, charterers can opt to place seats available to other members at a fixed price for example – 523, per seat Liverpool to Cote d’Azur.

Victor is building an online community of high-net worth individuals who can combine their buying power to reduce the cost of private jet travel for all passengers on a flight.

Victor members pool their interest in travelling by private jet in order to share the benefits and the costs, in a transparent and open environment where the terms and conditions of booking aircraft and seats are standardised. Everyone works to the same rules, and everyone wins.

Founded by successful entrepreneur and digital marketing pioneer Clive Jackson who identified the opportunity for a jet sharing company following the demise of BMI and BA flights to Mallorca, where he has a second home.

Visit or call +44 20 7384 8550 to find out more or become a member.