Alexa is a traditional Indonesian vessel with a twist. Having sailed the seas as a cargo boat for half a century, the adventuring buccaneers over at Oazia have converted the stunner into a single cabin luxury cruiser – a 31 metre floating private playground, providing couples with the ultimate in holiday romance, luxury and a way in which to explore the world’s largest archipelago.

Seamlessly combining old and new; huge panoramic windows and all modern luxuries sit alongside silk Persian rugs, original teak floorboards and hand-selected antiques, making the first in a series of eight private cruise boats planned by Talika Oazia a very fine way to take to the oceans blue.

Cruises can be tailored to include anything from swimming with dolphins in the Flores Sea, trekking and diving in Komodo National Park or surfing in Sumbawa. Fishing for your supper, before sitting back, relaxing and allowing the ship’s chef to prepare you and your lucky companion the fruits (and fishes) of your labours. If that sounds too much like hard work, pick one of the deserted beaches to frolic on or summon the on-board spa therapist to rub all the pain away.

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