Sometimes there’s no pun to do the subject justice.

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, goes the cliché. These guys think otherwise. The Land Rover Discovery is a familiar classic. You know what you’re getting when you climb into one. Or do you? Yorkshire-based transformation specialists, Twisted, think otherwise. Creating improbably luxurious versions of the world’s best off-road car is what their forte. They’ve done it all – customising vehicles to such a high standard, that there’s generally a waiting list of about four months.

Recent requests have apparently included everything from built-in chainsaws and high-end coffee machines, to oak gun cabinets and things that are far too exclusive and well, private, to reveal. There are no limits. As well as accessories, customers can of course select the vehicle colour, trim, performance level, suspension, engine power, and so forth, completely tailoring both interior and exterior to their dream specifications.