The uniting of the iconic Martini racing stripes with leading powerboat builders Vector was, on paper, a recipe for success. On water it has proved to be the stuff of champions.

Vector are the first ever British powerboat team to partner with the world-famous Italian drinks brand, which after more than 20 years perfecting its performance on the tarmac, last year announced its return to the water. Martini had first made an impact on the international regatta scene in the seventies when the distinctive ‘Dry Martini’ logo became a familiar sight leading the way over the finish line in a blur of high-octane power racing action.

Vector Powerboats meanwhile have been winning both awards and races for the last two decades. Their ground-breaking B28 model was even banned from the circuit for five years following twelve successive wins that saw it leave its competitors five minutes in its wake. With this kind of legacy to their name, the Vector team had to produce a very special boat for the occasion – and the spectacular V40R model did not disappoint.

Baring the same blue and red striped livery as the Martini F1 car designs, the official Vector Martini Racing Team boat was unveiled during the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix last May. Like the B28 it was born from the drawing board of renowned architect Ocke Mannerfelt who has managed to combine mind-blowing performance with very elegant styling, both inside and out.

Coming in at 8.6 metres, the V40R is made with state-of-the-art laminate comprised of carbon fibre and Kevlar to achieve ultra-light weight construction. It has reached staggering speeds of 128mph which last year ensured first place in the world’s longest running powerboat race – the Cowes Classic Offshore Race. The impressive engineering package has not compromised its looks however, with the aerodynamic lines and luxury motor yacht-style cabin coming together to exhibit stunning levels of craftsmanship.

You can buy your own V40R for between £800,000 and £1 million or for those who are just looking for a taster you can take part in a Vector Martini Racing Experience where qualified crew take you out on the water at top speeds. This year the team will attempt a new speed record across the channel from Poole to Cherbourg.

Words by Dominique Thew. Visit the Vector Powerboats website for the latest news and announcements.