If the Audi R8 didn’t quite do it for you, perhaps the 2013 Audi China Limited Edition version will.

The latest edition of the V10 powered R8 model features a very unique paint job (Nordic Gold, we’ll have you know!) as well as a whole host of upgrades. Audi are understandably keen to point out their wide use of carbon fibre here, which both enhances performance and strengthens the vehicle.

The car’s aluminium gearstick bears a limited edition number, omitting those involving fours because the Chinese aren’t fans. Seriously. Contrasting nicely with the gold, blocks of matte black and titanium grey adorn the bumper, spoiler, sideblades, etc.

The exciting thing about this car? Other than the fact that it’s gold (did we already mention that?) only thirty of the designs actually exist, which means you can speed around your city in this baby safe in the knowledge that you’re extremely unlikely to pass another.