With Morgan celebrating their centenary this year, they have released a fantastic new special edition model, based on their AeroMax luxury sports car. The new SuperSports is their most luxurious car to date and by removing the roof, they’ve created a superb roadster.

Morgan are infamous for their hand-built cars, often involving wood, even in recent years. Their latest cars have gone to the other end of the technology spectrum with superformed aluminium outer panels and lots of technology. It’s great to see a small British manufacturer succeeding, where so many others haven’t.

The new SuperSports has taken their luxury cars to a new level, with opulent interiors and luxurious specifications. Yet the overall weight of the car is kept low enough to still provide a great drive. The technology has been tested in the 100 AeroMax cars recently released.

The roof detaches in two aluminium panels, giving the rigidity of a coupe with the roof intact, and the wind in your hair experience with the panels removed. Best of both worlds!

Charles Morgan, Grandson of the founder said “The Morgan Aero SuperSports is a luxurious flamboyant sports car which also remains true to Morgans philosophy of lightweight minimalist simplicity. It is a celebration of our love of cars and the romance of travel and is a fitting model to announce during Morgans Centenary year.”

The car will enter production in early 2010 and Morgan are inviting punters to secure their car with a £25,000 deposit towards the £108,000+vat expected cost for a right hand drive car.