Ever watched Mel Gibson in the Mad Max movies and thought to yourself, I’d love the chance to drive through a post-Apocalyptic Aussie landscape in a big truck or on a bike and experience those kind of adventures? Well, here’s your opportunity to do just that – without the pesky nuclear war. Jingers Jaunts expertly arrange rally tours in far off lands and their next biggie looks a… Ripper, mate!

With over 10,000 kilometres of road, including glorious coast, soporific wine country, tropical rainforest and harsh desert to drive, the not-so-wacky racers head up the Gold Coast, into the stinking tropics, before heading down through the vast dry and foreboding interior. Briefly entering Southern Australia to take in the wonderfully civilized Adelaide, this motoring posse will cruise the hairpins and sheer cliffs of the Great Ocean Road, reaching cultured Melbourne, before returning some 32 days later to their starting point of Sydney. Phew!

Jingers crew will provide a qualified doctor, mechanics and a photographer to record your escapades for the entire duration. The accommodation too, takes in 5 star hotels in the cities, beautiful lodges and more distinctive residences when going bush. 4x4s can be provided directly, but the real joy would be to get your own preferred mode of transport shipped over at no extra cost, to really test it out on some of the most demanding, empty highways and scorching desert tracks in the world. The Apocalypse can (and will) wait.