We bring you Camper & Nicholsons J Class-inspired 80-foot specimen of ocean-going deliciousness. It’s worth getting yourself to Monaco for (as if you ever needed an excuse).

The oldest leisure marine company in the world, British-based yachting firm C&N knows a thing or two about majestic vessels. Founded in 1782, they were learning the boat-building ropes when Napoleon was still at school. The history of Camper & Nicholsons is, as they say, the history of yachting.

The firm sits safely in the hands of three first-rate masters. C&N’s Chairman is a fifth-gen Nicholson, George, inheritor of the yachting dynasty and a yachtsman from an early age. George still races his vintage Dragon and he’s one of the most experienced authorities in the superyacht world. Company owner is the eminent entrepreneur Leonardo Ferragamo (son of the late Salvatore – cobbler to the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Eva Peron and founder of the Italian luxury goods empire). CEO is Federico Bennewitz, who has held management positions in Perini Navi, San Lorenzo and more recently in VSY where he was the man behind some of the most high-calibre examples of Superyacht innovation.

Veteran it might be, but by no means is C&N stuck in the past. Prepping for Monaco later this year, news has broken that two spanking new day cruisers will be added to C&N’s already dazzling repertoire: 60 and 80 foot bespoke beauties, to accompany the existing 42 and 50 footers. Recall the eponymous J-Class yachts built by Camper & Nicholsons in the 1930’s America’s Cup challenge, and you’ve some idea of what to expect.

The new power boats are all limited-edition, custom made according to the owner’s wishes, and distinguished by C&N’s harmonious lines and attention to comfort and seaworthiness. You can almost sense the history of the legendary boatyard in the design: the signature craftsmanship, choice of materials and interior layouts have been finely honed by centuries of experience. In terms of speed the 80′ Gelyce (named after a range of power boats built by the company between 1910 and 1940) comes with two engine options, one for long range (the MAN V8 – 1000 735kW) that cruises at a comfy 22 knots, and one for fast range (the more powerful Caterpillar C32 – 1622/1193 kW), with a zippy 32 knot cruising speed.

Don’t dash to that Monaco-bound private jet yet because there’s more fun to come. Two more Superyachts will also be added to the collection – C&N will be entering the long range yachts market with plans for both a 32 and a 40 meter Superyacht in the pipeline. Calendars at the ready? The 42′ Endeavour and the 50′ Velsheda will launch in June 2013 in the Marina di Scarlino, and September’s Yacht Show in Monaco will bring you the lowdown and specs for 60′ Shamrock and 80′ Gelyce.

Zing through palm fringed islands and gin-clear waters in this masterpiece and you’ll be able to lose yourself, metaphorically speaking. Not geographically, mind you. Not if the high-tech navigation system has anything to do with it.