Reaching age-specific milestones brings with it certain rights and responsibilities. Aston Martin, on reaching the ripe old age of 100, has decided to treat itself to a very generous birthday present: two one-off Zagato’s. High-class, exclusive and fully age-appropriate.


Zagato, the Atelier that’s been refining Aston chassis with sexy, Italian styling for the last fifty years, unveiled both cars at London’s Kensington Park Gardens on Monday, in honour of Aston’s centenary celebrations.

The first, a DB9 Spider Centennial, is a one-off model inspired by the power and elegance of the DB7 Zagato, and the second, a DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial, takes its design cues from the Zagato’s of the ’50s with it’s ‘double bubble’ roof and upright, retro styling. The result is sporty look with a more Mediterranean GT feel: an exotic cross of Aston Martin DNA with Italian flair and Milanese inspiration.

We’re regretfully duty-bound to tell you that both cars are already taken (no tears by the dance floor at the end of this particular party): the DB9 is destined for America having been swept off its feet by well-known collector Peter Read, whilst the DBS will make tracks for Japan to an anonymous Aston enthusiast. But with further parades and special events in the pipeline, the famed British firm sure knows how to celebrate.