One doesn’t need much of an excuse to visit Monaco at the best of times, but the Gilded Jewel has just added another reason to take a flight from City Airport; an evening of operatic entertainment aboard Aristotle Onassis’ yacht, the Christina O.

During the month of October the ‘O’ is hosting a series of tributes to the opera singer Maria Callas, Aristotle’s lover until he spurned her for Jackie Kennedy, much to his ever lasting regret apparently. The entertainment consists of champagne and canapés, a tour of the recently refitted interior, followed by a buffet-style dinner from the chefs of the Michelin starred Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant.

La Divina, a selection of Callas’ most famous arias interwoven with an oral narration of Maria’s tragic life, is performed by one of three visiting sopranos (Nelly Miricioiu during my visit) with the lights of the Principality acting as a backdrop.

The Christina O steals the show, a former frigate she was converted in 1954, and hosted such notable and diverse guests, as Winston Churchill, John Paul Getty and John Wayne. Judging by the scenes of the Karma Sutra inscribed into the elephant tusk armrests in the legendary Ari’s bar, not to mention the Sperm Whale foreskin seat coverings, Aristotle had something more than shipping on his mind.

Catch Robert Lindsay’s portrayal in Onassis at the Novello Theatre before you go to find out what the randy, old Greek got up to while swinging at anchor.