I like a good roll – be it aileron, barrel, four-point or bacon. Consequently, looping and rolling high above the Solent on Goodwood’s Supercar Sunday, followed by a full English, struck me as probably a better way of spending a Sunday morning than going to church.

Indeed, there were top quality rolls of many kinds at Goodwood for the first Breakfast Club of 2012. It was Supercar Sunday, and along with the extremely tasty sausage and bacon rolls, there were also some superb aerobatic rolls, courtesy of Mark ‘Greeners’ Greenfield of Ultimate High, who put on an excellent display. Despite the low cloud and drizzly rain, Greeners thrilled the 5,500 strong crowd with his ‘flat’ display – a precision aerial ballet of intricate manoeuvres that drew gasps from the supercar aficionados. LUSSO was there too, and after a hearty breakfast at Goodwood’s famous Aero Club, Greeners and myself (as LUSSO Flight Test Editor) took off in an Ultimate High Extra 300 so that I could show Greeners how it wasn’t done! 

Back on the ground the astonishing array of sports cars really was quite remarkable. Outside of those two great Goodwood events, the Festival of Speed and The Revival, I can honestly say I’ve never seen anywhere near as many Ferraris, Porsches, Maseratis, Astons, etc gathered together in the same place at the same time. The selection of stunning supercars on show was stupendous, while Ultimate High’s Extra 300 also generated a great deal of interest – as indeed it should. Built solely for the world of unlimited competition aerobatics and air displays, the Extra 300 is a potent beast. It is powered by a 300hp air-cooled flat-six engine, yet extensive use composite materials such as carbon fibre and fibreglass/Kevlar means that it weighs less than a Lotus Elise! Consequently, it has a great power to weight ratio – and fantastic performance. It is capable of speeds of over 250mph, can climb in excess of 4,000 feet per minute, and rolls at a staggering 400 degrees per second.

Ultimate High plan to have an Extra 300 at all of this summer’s Sunday Breakfast Club’s, so if you like your octane high, your aerobatics low and your breakfast alongside some of the hottest (and coolest) cars in Britain give the Goodwood Breakfast Club a try. Admission is free, while there are no landing fees for pre-1966 aircraft and its half-price for LAA-types.