Sometimes it’s best to let sleeping cats lie. Yet for the last 40 years, Jaguar’s legion of devotees has been waiting, praying for a second generation E-Type. The XJS, classic though it is, didn’t qualify. The XK, on launch, was heralded as the car to carry the mark. It didn’t. Obviously, it would be impossible for Jaguar Land Rover to create a car with the revolutionary impact that the E brought to the world in 1961. It’s a very different motoring landscape and certain safety impositions have led to a homogenisation in high-end car design.

Now, the next contender for the magical mantle has been unveiled at Frankfurt. The C-X16 is a fecund rear-wheel drive honey that’s going into production next year. From the pencil/ CAD station of XK/ DB9 daddy, Ian Callum, this 3.0 litre, V6, 8 step-tronic geared piece of gorgeousness will omit 375 bhp, with a hybrid-mode that will take you 50 miles on pure, filtered electricity.
Priced at £55,000 to fit in between the Cayman and the 911, one can already see the side streets of Chelsea and the NCP’s of the City filled back to back with them. The very good news is bar some minor tweaks, this concept will be reproduced almost faithfully in production. But what will it be called? That’s not E-asy to answer.