It’s not often we get boat envy but, like many at the Monaco Yacht Show, we felt those green-eyed pangs over the details of Dream Symphony. The privately owned yacht will be the biggest ever built and a mould-breaker in a class of its own– assuming that Dykstra & Partners can build the mould to begin with.

The challenge? The client wants this 462ft staysail schooner to be built in timber. With most sailing vessels of this size built in steel or aluminium, Dykstra & Partners are investigating ways of building a wooden hull around a metal frame, a task which will then be handed over to the Dream Ship Victory yard, in Marmaris, Turkey. Styling will come from Ken Freivokh, the man behind the 289ft sailing yacht Maltese Falcon, owned by Elena Amrosiandou and looks to be an extension of that ground-breaking design.

Freivokh has promised total integration of the interior and exterior, classical and contemporary technology and incorporating the longitudinals, transverse beams and structural knees into his interior design, opening spaces where possible into what promise to be stunning courtyards and terraces. As well as looking stunning – it’s not often photos of yachts are greeted by Homer Simpson-esque noises here in LUSSO’s office – Dream Symphony, with four masts and vast amounts of easily managed sail, promises to become the fastest wind-driven vessel on the high seas.