Already popular within the United Arab Emirates, it was only a matter of time before Europe got a taste of the Embraer Lineage 1000. Given the spec of the machine, it also won’t be long before you see several more. This first has been brought in by Hangar8 for its charter fleet and it’s a very impressive piece of kit. 

As you’d expect, the jet’s 118 feet length makes for a spacious cabin, even with a full load of 19 VIPs onboard. Actually, it makes for five separate cabins areas, including a large lounge with 52-inch screen and the sort of integrated entertainment system you’d expect, shower facilities and a master bedroom suite with a full double bed. Given the jet’s 8149km range – which will get you from Dubai to Johannesburg, or New York to Moscow, for example – and its active noise dampening system, a proper night’s sleep is thus very possible for several reasons. You could also fly to Tokyo or Los Angeles from London with just one fuel stop. 

One of the jet’s key selling points is its airfield capabilities, because while it’s the longest-cabin private jet in the UK, the plane can use shorter runways than most jets in its class, opening up London City Airport and the private jet-only Teterboro Airport in New York as feasible destinations. The whole thing is yours for $41 million, which is a snip cheaper than the Boeing Business Jet and still packs better spec. Next: wing-mounted Sidewinders. Probably.