At LUSSO, we’re well aware of the range of options out there for those who wish to take yacht to sea. Chartering is simple but not the best value, fractional ownership is great but you still get a proportion of the downsides. Aecoris have pioneered a membership solution that gives the best sense of ownership without any of the pitfalls. LUSSO investigated.

Whilst a member of Aecoris, you will have a true sense of ownership, whilst leaving all the less than exciting elements of ownership to Aecoris. The traditional liabilities associated with boat ownership and its management downtime are no longer a worry. Members just come and go as they please.

A point based system is in place, giving a fair usage. However, there are no obligatory crews unless the members wish for them. You get the full training required to take the yachts yourself. Just take your time and head out, without the overhanging worry of any problems or how to organise the next service.

What Aecoris offer is an ideal solution for those who love yachts. The company launched in the summer of 2009 and chose Fairline to be its fleet partner. The initial selection of boats will be moared in Pueto Portals in Malloca and memberships beginning in March 2010 are currently available.

Their offices are in Berkeley Square in London and they will be at the London Boat Show from the 8th to 17th January, 2010.