Roman Abramovich’s new yacht, which is currently under construction in Germany, will have a missile defence system to protect him from any attack. The yacht will also be heavily armoured with bulletproof windows.

If attackers do manage to get past the defensive systems, the onboard submarine is available for a quick escape.

The yacht is to be called Eclipse, due to the fact it is designed to overshadow any other private boat. It is being built in the Hamburg shipyards, which produced the Bismarck, Hitler’s second world war battleship which was allegedly invincible, but was sunk by the Royal Navy.

Since the recent Somali pirate problems, a lot of billionaires have given extra thought to yacht protection. In August of last year, a gang boarded the 20m yacht The Tiara off the southern coast of Corsica, so even the Mediterranean isn’t safe.

Rumour has it that the Eclipse’s defence system is being installed by AST, a company which has close links to both the Blohm and Voss shipyard where the yacht is being built and also the Germany defence.

The yacht will join Abramovich’s fleet of the 377ft Pelorus, the 282ft Ecstasea and the 160ft Sussurro. The Eclipse is 550ft, which is 15ft longer than the Emir of Dubai’s yacht, which is the current largest.