It’s either international drugs running or popping down to Spain to sink a few birdies, now Lusso has its own plane. Charley Speed drew the short straw this time.



After Lusso’s maiden flight to the Circuit Paul Ricard, it was decided a more leisurely pursuit be undertaken for our next expedition and, having managed to avoid golf thus far, it seemed a wise choice to seek a suitable course to try our collective ham-fists at swinging long, dangerous weapons while avoiding small white balls.

Situated in a pretty citrus tree-lined valley south of Alicante, Las Colinas Golf and Country Club is but a short ride away from the coast where the club’s private beach club lies overlooking the Mediterranean. Designed by Cabell B. Robinson, it’s a decidedly picturesque place which, for me, was ideal, such is my lack of swinging skills. Taking around four hours to complete, the course is suitable for professional competitions as well as players of all levels.

Before putting our poor coach, Sam, through mild hell on the driving range, we dropped our gear off at one of the Woods Bagot-designed villas appointed to us. Fantastically light and airy, the villas overlook the course and provide a good haven to ponder one’s (appalling, in our case) game. The surrounding indigenous trees and flora make up more than 10,000 hectares of protected land which restricts any further residential development. Villas and plots are available for purchase and range from €750,000 to €1.3m.

After we had all tried our hands with varying degrees of success, it was time to take to the putting green – much, I suspect, to Sam’s eternal relief. Insisting we start on a short distance hole didn’t reap the benefits expected and Lusso’s performance can be best described as pitiful. This in no way reflects the quality of instruction, you understand: more an inability to learn. Think old, smelly dogs. But in casual wear. Facilities at Las Colinas are first rate, boasting a gym, tennis courts, paddle tennis and, with PGA professional Robert Mitchell heading up the golf academy, the use of various equipment including a ultra high-speed camera, is sure to improve your game.

The club also sports the International School of Falconry. Run by a team of professionals, experts in rearing, training and handling birds of prey. Anyone can experience flying a Harris Hawk on a 60-minute route through the 50 acre nature preserve. The school has resident hawks, falcons, owls and goshawks and, it must be said, getting up close and personal to these beautiful creatures is a particularly special experience.

If you check your belongings thoroughly before leaving the UK, the course’s catamaran can be chartered for one or two days and a variety of activities undertaken: snorkelling, off-shore sport or coastal fishing, even cooking your catch onboard. Sailing experience isn’t necessary as she comes with her own captain to oversee proceedings, though I’m sure one can get stuck in, if so desired. I myself have my day-skipper licence, but my memory not being what it used to be, I did as I was told. My marine skills would have been better served combing the lake for our lost balls.

For more details on Las Colinas Golf & Country Club visit or call +965 32 40 04.