Old New York stalwart goes hipster. The crowd goes “ooohhh”…

Towering over the corner of 77th and Madison, The Mark has long since been a New York City institution. But old school decor has been replaced by ultra modern styling and the Upper East Side can rejoice once again, as one of its precious landmarks is fashionable once more. The Mark’s new look is striking – bold lines and patterns dominate the small, but perfectly formed lobby.

I  can usually tell within a few minutes whether I’m going to be happy in a hotel and The Mark was off to a great start. As seasoned travellers, you’ll no doubt have found yourself in a city several hours before first check-in time and although a ready room is a rare treat, it’s often more telling to see how the staff react to a room that isn’t. On my early arrival, the receptionists feigned remorse and embarrassment perfectly. They were accommodating and apologetic,  offering any facility within their grasp to make amends. Totally unnecessary but highly appreciated.

A few hours later my room was ready (still significantly before first check in). The rooms aren’t anywhere near as dramatic as the entrance – which in my opinion is a very good thing. Subtle colours and well-chosen furniture adorn a minimalist room. The headboard design mirror the lobby, but the atmosphere is all together calmer and more serene.

What won me over was the shower, I left the bathroom the next morning feeling abused, but in a good way. There’s nothing worse than waking up, groggy with the first morning of transatlantic jet lag and being dribbled on by apologetic facilities. This was an army drill sergeant of a washing experience. I loved it.