Maldivian locals must be a little concerned, in a “has anyone else noticed what’s been happening to the neighbourhood?” sort of way. Hotels sure are beginning to resemble something out of a rather expensive and watery Kevin Costner movie…


First came construction plans for floating golf courses, and now this: the Water Discus Underwater Hotel, made up of sound-proof modules and glass-walled underwater tunnels, is about to be built. Turns out there’s no need to wait for the apocalypse.

For a country with the lowest natural highest point in the world (took us a moment to get our heads around that one), this is the next step towards securing the future of Maldivian Island tourism. Even if every inch of land surface were to disappear under rising sea levels, then the experts at Deep Ocean Tech have this blueprint to work from.

If the thought of being totally submerged has you reaching for the panic button then fear not because each module has been designed with positive buoyancy, even if entirely flooded, and will turn into your own detachable evacuation pod to transport you safely to the surface.

There’ll be no time for ‘Dryland’ lovers to get nostalgic – helipad on the roof, an enormous lobby (built within the enormous swimming pool), spa, exotic rooftop gardens and as much water-sport action as you can handle – all set within the huge complex that takes you as far as 30 metres below sea level.

All the modules are fully movable – discs can be detached and replaced with new ones – or the whole complex can be lifted and shifted over to the next spectacular bay if you really are in the mood for a change of ocean scenery.