As discussed elsewhere in this issue – and in several others if memory serves – The Indian Ocean is a) an area of quite incredible natural beauty; and b) an area that faces a continued threat in ecological terms. Happily, as our intrepid reporter Vanessa Threapleton-Horrocks discovers on page 96, there are many efforts under way to protect the low-lying lands and crystal waters. 

You might want to consider those efforts when looking through the details of Lundhufshi and the holiday retreat it presents. Indeed, you’ll probably want to participate to protect your investment a little. 

You do not get many opportunities to partake of paradise – well, you do, that’s why you read LUSSO, of course – but, around this time next year, such an opportunity should be available. 

The Maldives island of Lundhufshi is a teardrop shaped, 10-acre coral island in the Indian Ocean with a mammoth – well, for its size – two kilometres of pristine beaches, and surrounded by water that’s the sort of colour that must have left God unbearably smug when he’d finished them. As of 2012, when the current development work is completed, the entire island will be an exclusive spa and resort, with its own lagoon and house reef which will serve as both a coral garden and a warm natural aquarium for scuba divers and snorkelers.

The resort will feature 33 water villas and seven beach villas. According to agents Chesterton,  the design was intended to look like Moroccan lanterns. We’re not convinced by that – not that we’d know a Moroccan lantern if it came up and declared itself a Moroccan lantern – but we are convinced by 3820 square feet of luxurious space, making the villas amongst the largest in the Maldives. 

The arab or desert theme is rather more obvious inside, with the villas full of Morrocan-style flourishes, tropical timbers and polished Carera marble. As a pure “wow” moment, the glass doors open completely to reveal the slick hardwood decking, the fresh water infinity pool with – possibly excessive – inbuilt hot tub. This is an ocean that lends itself to infinity eyelines and, of course, stargazing. Mind you, would-be astronomers who don’t want to get wet can always stay indoors and retract the roof. 

The Water Villas at 12 Blues resort and Spa are on offer via Chesterton Humberts in London. Check their website or call in for further details.