Did you know that sex appeal starts with the teeth? It’s just been statistically proven. There are numerous cutting-edge treatments on offer at The London Smile Clinic to give you that high net worth smile. Plus there’s a 20% discount for LUSSO readers on teeth whitening during December. So if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas…

When it comes to sex appeal, you think that it’s teeth that get top billing, don’t you?

Pretty much. When we carried out a survey with YouGov last year, we weren’t surprised to discover that it’s our teeth that help to attract our ideal partner more than any other feature. A staggering 72% of the 259 Londoners surveyed told us that a nice smile was their top priority when looking for love – the numbers speak for themselves!

And who are you?  

I’m Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith, the principal of The London Smile Clinic, a director of five other dental companies, a dentist for 24 years and the only UK dentist accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. At The London Smile Clinic we do some truly amazing, cutting edge, luxury treatments.

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Before we get to that, what percentage increase chance does the LUSSO man have of dating Beyoncé or Megan Fox, say, if he has his teeth done? 

I can’t guarantee that a smile makeover will help you land an A-list girlfriend. But I promise it’ll make you feel better about yourself /improve your presentation and interactions.

I see. Well, Cheska Hull, the 27 year-old reality TV star from Made in Chelsea is a fan of yours, isn’t she?

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of treating her when, having recently given up smoking, Cheska Hull came to us for a dental MOT. Gnasher fact: smokers are far more likely to suffer from tooth staining due to nicotine and they also produce more bacterial plaque which can potentially lead to gum disease.

Got it. Well, having a yacht the size of a mansion, a Bugatti and skiing in Gstaad….that’s Lusso Man’s life. Would a smile makeover for this man who has it all really make a difference? 

Of course! Such clients regularly tell us about the fantastic effect on their lives of their smile makeovers. If you’ve felt self-conscious about your teeth, feeling finally happy and secure with your smile will impact positively on how you relate. It’s a real confidence boost.

OK then, Clear Smile, Invisilign, Incognito and Inman Aligner. What can you do that won’t leave me change out of £50,000?

A thorough Hygiene Clean and Phillips Zoom Whitening Treatment will not only be of health benefit to you but will give you an immediate result – so this is a very effective solution and costs a mere £995 meanwhile you can use the £50,000 you mention for buying a must-have watch!

The London Smile Clinic is a gizmo-loving lads’ paradise, isn’t it? It boasts interactive computer imaging, state-of–the-art everything, iPads for clients to fill in their medical history, DVD goggles to watch in chair movies. Does it beat heli-skiing?

Yes! It was important to incorporate advanced and exciting technology when designing the clinic, although I wouldn’t quite describe it as a ‘lads’ paradise’. We’ve mainly focused on creating a sophisticated and comfortable environment in which patients can relax. So, incredibly, going to the dentist becomes an enjoyable experience.

What’s really cutting edge, state-of-the-art and innovative then?

Well, we recently introduced the revolutionary new Phillips Zoom Whitening treatment, which uses LED light activation for optimised results. Want some geek info? It has variable intensity settings – meaning you can reduce sensitivity during treatment. It’s also compliant with the new European Commission directive which prohibits the offer of any whitening products in the European Union containing more than six per cent hydrogen peroxide.

Let’s talk about habits of the super rich: about the services and activities undertaken by truly stylish high net worth individuals. What makes the London Smile Clinic their number one place for sorting teeth? And why is it the UK’s centre of excellence for cosmetic dentistry?

We’re the only practice to have been awarded Private Practice of the Year twice and there are squillions of reasons why we’ve become an industry leader over the past decade. It’s not just that we provide the latest and most innovative dental treatments. Our experienced staff also create a friendly, professional atmosphere and provide a unique experience for our customers – clients actually look forward to going to the dentist when coming here. We also provide a bespoke service, ensuring that lifestyle and individual preferences are considered and results tailored accordingly.

Is it true that no self-respecting A-Lister would get out of bed without a set of perfect, pearly whites? Why? 

Celebrities often have envy-inducing smiles – but we’ve seen a shift in the ‘perfect’ Hollywood one. Once stars went for an overtly flawless look, often with a full set of crowns or veneers. That’s unlikely nowadays. Yes, celebs have probably had whitening and braces, maybe the odd set of veneers, but the results in general now look far more natural. Julia Roberts, David Beckham, Colin Firth and George Clooney are all known for their smiles, but if you look closely at their teeth they are far from perfect. This new, more natural look is the 21st century smile.

What do you advise the LUSSO man who doesn’t want to look like Ugly Betty?

When people think of orthodontic treatment they often think of train track braces. But orthodontics has progressed hugely since those. One of our most popular – and unobtrusive – treatments is the Inman Aligner, a removable brace that can quickly align crowded front teeth. Amazingly it needs only be worn for eight to 12 weeks before results can be seen, avoiding invasive procedures.

Brotox (Botox for him) or a smile makeover – which is more essential? 

My answer has to be a smile makeover! There’s little that’s more ageing than discoloured, stained teeth or an uneven smile and these common dental problems can lead to more serious health problems such as gum disease.  Give your smile some TLC and you can achieve natural, healthy results which will take years off your look.

Gum re-shaping, white fillings, closing gaps and replacing missing teeth. If you needed them all and could only do one, which should it be?

Replacing missing teeth probably. Missing teeth are generally more ageing in terms of appearance than gaps or discoloured fillings, and people are becoming more and more aware that they can invest in subtle changes that have an overall more impactful result.

You need teeth sticking into your ears to qualify for NHS treatment these days, don’t you?  

I’m yet to see someone with teeth sticking into their ears, but there certainly are specific guidelines to qualify for orthodontic treatment with the NHS. To be referred, you must have severe teeth irregularities that have the potential to cause serious health problems and it’s likely there’ll be a long waiting time.

You’re a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Do you get nominated for Oscars? 

Sadly, I’m unlikely to be nominated for an Oscar! The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is dedicated to excellence in the field of cosmetic dentistry and membership shows that I’m committed to delivering the highest standards of ethical conduct and responsible patient care. The AACD does offer its own ‘Oscars’ though…. And we’ve been picking up a few!

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The London Smile Clinic, founded in 1999, is the centre of excellence for cosmetic dentistry, and in fourteen years has become a true leader within the industry. The clinic boasts leading techniques and technology including, porcelain veneers and the Inman Aligner – the future of orthodontics – to bring the world’s best cosmetic dental solutions to the UK. Acclaimed for providing a first-class service, this award-winning clinic and its team are experts in providing beautiful, natural-looking results whilst maintaining the health of your teeth. The London Smile Clinic is the only practice to have won the Private Practice of the Year twice. Principal dentist Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith is the only UK dentist to hold accreditations from both the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr Bradstock-Smith has been awarded winner of Best Smile Makeover and Private Dentist of the Year.

Clinic www.londonsmileortho.com.

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