It’s 2016, and men using moisturiser is no longer frowned upon. But what else are we ready to take on? A new set of spa treatments—fast, powerful, and results-focused—are tailor-made for guys looking for a body boost, and London’s Neville Salon is the mecca for them.

Neville Hair & Beauty looks after the sleekest of celebrities and die-hard clients who refuse to get their hair and beauty treatments done anywhere else. The five-storey destination in London’s Belgravia is refreshingly down to earth and prides itself on its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, making it a home from home for its regulars, many of whom visit several times a week. I was invited to test out their spa facilities, overseen by the talented Hasti. It was absolutely necessary therefore, to have a facial. Seeing as I’d come all that way.

“This is the Venus Versa Diamondpolar treatment,” Hasti said, showing me a handheld device attached to a large technical-looking machine. I lay back, a gloopy glycerin gel was applied and the implement was put to work on my face and neck. It was hot and felt a bit prickly, in an electromagnetic kind of way. Forty five minutes of mild pulses later, she wiped off the gel and passed me a hand mirror. I looked smoother-skinned, less harried-looking, and—hell, I’ll say it—practically dewy.

The concept? Venus Versa Diamondpolar transmits radio frequencies and magnetic pulses into your skin; the idea being that such intense bursts of heat and energy will increase oxygen flow and over time, stimulate collagen and elastin production yielding a less zombified you. It can also be combined with a diamond tip microdermabrasion (in other words, a good scrub), face mask and a massage. There’s no pain, minimal downtime, and no stress or surgery.

Next up, I tested Hasti’s Venus Legacy treatment: same concept as the Venus Versa Diamondpolar but a larger handheld attachment that’s used on the body. It applies more multi-polar radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields, but the main difference is that this device also has ‘Varipulse technology’; in other words, suction. The gel was applied to my stomach and the appliance was rolled back and forth for another half-hour. Warning: it’s hot and it’s noisy. But that’s not to say it isn’t relaxing. Afterwards, I felt like I’d done a couple of rounds in a boxing ring and my pummelled stomach looked a bit red, but it wasn’t until the following day the results became clear: my torso was noticeably trimmer. And surprisingly, it stayed that way for at least a week. Hasti suggested that for optimum results I should do a course of ten, results are noticeable after one session in some cases results can be seen after the third treatment. Which might all sound a bit OTT but until recently, just stepping foot in a salon had seemed crazy, too.

In total, I was in and out within two hours and I still had time for lunch. (Which incidentally, if you eat at the salon, means even more good stuff – Neville’s food menu has been crafted by Francesca The Method, personal trainer and life coach to London’s elite.) And I was genuinely pleased with the results, enough to brag about it to my mates. Spa’s are no longer the female dominated places they once were–and with more and more men getting in on the action, I’m betting that soon enough adding a Venus facial to their grooming routine won’t sound so absurd—it’ll just be the done thing.

Neville Hair & Beauty Salon is at 5 Pont Street, Belgravia, London SW1X 9EJ. Contact: +44 (0) 20 7235 3654. Venus Versa treatments start from £60. For full details visit:

Treatment Packages: A course of 6 facial sessions or 10 Body sessions, once a week followed by one treatment per month. Buy 5 treatments for the face, get one free. Buy 8 treatments for the body, get 2 free.

The Party Stopper: “Instant lift and glow”. The Venus Versa Diamondpolar treatment for the eyes, face and neck gives immediate results. Perfect for any event. £150

The After Shot: “For the day after the night before”. Put life back into your skin with this Venus Versa Diamondpolar treatment designed to boost the skin’s natural radiance. £150

Buy 1 Party Stopper and receive an after Shot half price. Buy 3 Party Stopper and receive an after shot free.