The Swiss watch industry is synonymous with luxury, yet some of the major brands are producing millions of units a year. This is far from exclusive. LUSSO recently heard from the new distributor of Saro-Gem watches, a brand that never produce more than 1,000 units a year, and each one is custom.

Saro-Gem was founded in Switzerland in 1914 by a small group of passionate watchmakers. By limiting the production number, they feel that they can offer the client a truly bespoke timepiece. There is little in life more enjoyable than knowing the product is made just for you. Think of it as getting a bespoke suit made in Savile Row.

The company works very personally with each customer, allowing them to choose a range of design and finish options and the number and type of precious stones used. There are over one thousand permutations possible, giving a wide choice both in style and budget.

LUSSO is the first to reveal that the Saro-Gem brand is now available in the UK through Russell Communications. Stuart Russell, Principal of the company, first went to Saro-Gem as an intrigued watch enthusiast and was so impressed he took on their business in the UK.

Saro-Gem has the fascinating heritage, innovative designs, cutting edge manufacturing processes and levels of craftsmanship you would expect from the best Swiss watch companies. What makes it really special, though, is the slightly underground, cult reputation the brand has gained thanks to an absolute focus on the product. It’s not about sponsoring round-the-world yacht races or having Hollywood actors open your latest flagship store, it’s about making wonderful watches for people who love watches. That integrity is enduring and utterly compelling.

Mr. Rolf Von Burg, Saro-Gems CEO, agrees with this view: “Our company has always cared most about the quality of our products and the personal levels of service we provide. This view has seen us through times of economic prosperity and recession as new generations of confident, independent, free-thinking watch lovers discover our brand.”