They say that you can tell a lot about a man by his iPhone case… a classic rubber Incase number? Sensible. No case? Lives on the edge. A case made of solid gold? Pretty damn special indeed.

When clients requested a gold iPhone case that wasn’t simply plated, Brikk didn’t scoff in their faces – oh no – they listened and created what they dub ‘The Haven’. As well as the solid gold version containing over 75 grams of gold, they’ve created a platinum one with over 100 grams of the good stuff. We’d invest immediately if we weren’t constantly losing our phones. Available for iPhone 5 in both polished or matte satin, their website advises that prices start around £7,700 and that custom diamond options are available too.

The great news is, you shouldn’t feel guilty about splashing out on one of these babies – quite the opposite in fact. For each case purchased, one ton of rice will be distributed by various NGOs to those in need throughout the world. Founder of Brikk, Cyrus Blacksmith, is keen for others to follow in their philanthropic footsteps, adding “We believe that all luxury brands should donate a decent percentage of their proceeds to charity. We donate specifically to hunger in third-world countries”.

Keep up the good work chaps!