The Officer’s watch had its origins during the First World War, when pocket watches with hinged backs were reconfigured into something you could pop on your wrist. Slightly handier for combat. Patek Philippe’s latest incarnation, the Calatrava 5153, inspired by these First World War era timepieces, has the distinctive protective cover over the case back. And because this is Patek we’re talking about, it’s built with a hidden hinge that snaps shut with that crucial clean, solid click.

Officer’s watches have a special position among Patek Philippe timepieces. The watchmaker’s founder, Count Antoine Norbert de Patek, was a former Polish officer who had to leave his native country after the failed uprising in the 1830s, before living in exile in Geneva. Since then, the design has become a venerable tradition.

Patek Philippe makes some of the most expensive, complicated and valuable watches in the world. With a hand-guilloched sunburst pattern in the centre and small gilt minute pearls, it’s one of the most elaborate designs ever made by the 175-year-old watchmaker. You should probably award yourself the luxury of owning one. It’s a matter of honour.

The Calatrava Officer’s Case Ref. 5153G, launched this year in white gold with timeless white dial featuring intricate guilloche decoration. £25,030