When you’re pummeling the opposition in the face, all in the service of saving the world, do so with ultimate punctuality.


When George Bamford set his sights on his latest concept, he had one thing in mind: to create a series of watches special enough to pay homage to the world’s deadliest troops, the Commandos; those elite fighting units with the ability to go where regular forces daren’t follow.

Being world masters in customisation, Bamford’s watch team can radicalise any luxury timepiece but the real weapons in their armoury are the Rolexes, and this time they’ve worked their wizardry on the Milgauss and the Submariner, launching a new series that delivers the power and heritage of military-influenced construction.

Commandos have a formidable history. Following the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, the British Army established what would become perhaps the most legendary of all Commando units, on the direct orders of Winston Churchill. Leading daring raids into Nazi-occupied territory and achieving improbable victories behind enemy lines, they were so successful that Hitler was forced to move hundreds of thousands of troops away from the front lines and back into occupied territory.

Now almost all major armed forces utilise Commandos as the best way to strike quickly without the need to mobilise huge numbers of troops.

The series comes in three colours – Desert, Combat and Forest – effects made possible by Bamford’s unique ‘Graphite Particle Coating’ (GPC), the result of several years’ hard graft in specialist laboratories which gives these watches a near-diamond hardness. If you want unbreakable excellence on your wrist, it’s a surefire way to pack some serious impact.

RRP for the Milgauss is £12,000 and the RRP for the Submariner is £13,000. www.bamfordwatchdepartment.com.