On February 14th of each year, Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the world. Its origin lies in the Western Christian feast day honouring early saint’s named ‘Valentinus’. Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day celebrates love and romance mainly between romantic partners. It is an important cultural and commercial celebration of romantic love famous in many regions around the globe. By sending cards or letters, offering gifts or flowers and arranging meals in restaurants or romantic evenings in hotels, many individuals celebrate their love for their partner. Some common gifts exchanged during this occasion are chocolates, flowers, and cards. If you want to spice things up, then have a look at our unique Valentine Day gift ideas with roots from Asia!

Jewellery – China

Unlike contemporary Chinese women who use rings as accessories, in ancient China females were not permitted to wear rings before their marriage. However, nowadays heart-shaped rings are in rage. While your partner can enjoy rings of all shapes and sizes, heart-shaped rings are the ideal present for your special lady.

Teddy Bear – Thailand

Stuffed toys are an informal gifting option and the Thai people love big stuffed teddy Bears. The significance of this simple yet adorable gift is way more than it seems. Sometimes a nice teddy bear holding a rose is more meaningful than a king-sized stuffed bear. A red rose and a teddy, like you and your partner, make the finest couple.

Chocolates – Japan

Japan follows an interesting tradition on Valentine’s Day. Women are anticipated to present chocolates to their partner as well as to their male co-workers on this day. This is called ‘giri-choco’. Just after one month, Japan also celebrates White Day which is the time for men to retaliate and gift chocolates to the women around them. Combine chocolates and flowers for a wonderful gift.

Dates – United Arab Emirates

No matter how long you’ve been together, gifting healthy and delicious dates is considered a respectful gift in the Islamic nation of UAE. A beautifully hand-painted, luxury wooden box full of organic dates can make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved one. Free from fats, sodium and cholesterol, this is a delight too much on at any given time.

Romantic Dinner – Cyprus

If you’re still struggling to find the ideal gift for your loved one, then it’s time to take a hint from the people of Cyprus and plan a romantic dinner. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show how much you really care about your special person. When romance is in the air, do not miss this opportunity to spend some quality time with her. Pick from the exotic restaurants suggested by Cyprus local experts for an elegant and memorable couples dining experience.