There’s camping. And then there’s “camping”.

Some people love a tent. Here at Lusso though? Not so much. There’s a reason walls were invented. Ditto hot water. Mattresses. Toasters.

We might just be persuaded to the alleged joys of camping by The Nest, however.

Someway closer to “lodge” than “tent”, The Nest is a series of three lodges, all inspired by Kenyan living. Sleeping up to six guests each, they’re far enough apart for privacy and close enough for exclusive use if, unlike us, you know 17 people you can stand for that long.   

Each lodge has a king-size master room with lake views and direct access to the outdoors, as well as a twin room and a separate king-size cabin bunk. There’s also a large bathroom (with an egg-shaped bathtub), White Company linen and amenities, quality pillows, duvets and blankets. There’s also a living room / kitchen with a woodburning stove, plus crockery and cutlery. Oh, and the view’s not bad – and the front of the lodge opens up completely – if you do insist on letting the outdoors in. You can also order food hampers or just head off to a nearby pub. After all, this is Lincolnshire we’re talking about, not the Kalahari…

You could go wild-swimming in the lake or hike local trails but, when they offer in-lodge spa treatments or films by the firepit, we’re not sure why you would. Still, each to their own, of course, each to their own…

For more details or to book, take a look at The Nest’s website.