SAY Carbon Yachts is expanding to Marbella

They’ve had success with SAY Carbon Yachts Ibiza and SAY Carbon Yachts Mallorca.

And now SAY Carbon Yachts – to paraphrase a certain beer, probably the most technologically advanced manufacturer for carbon built luxurious day boats in the world – are expanding to the Andalusian coast.

Ultra-light, fast and powerful – they call themselves a ‘sports car on water’ – SAY’s manufacturing processes means they are produced with 50% less fuel consumption compared to their peer group. They also “electrified” yachting – in excitement and more literal terms – with the launch of the SAY29E.

In 2023, at the Cannes Yachting Festival, SAY Carbon Yachts Marbella will launch the SAY 52, designed by Karl Wagner, which boasts the same SAY DNA, but is also the first boat in its class to be optionally equipped with an electric hybrid system, enabling silent boating in marinas and sheltered bays, as well as a boost for top speeds when you can let it rip a little.

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