The Miele Scout RX3 sucks. And that’s not a complaint.

“Alexa… tell Miele to clean the kitchen.”

It might sound like a line from an American soap opera but, thanks to a revamped Smart Home app and a new model of vacuum cleaner from leading premium domestic appliance people Miele, it could soon be something you find yourself saying…

There are three new models available: the Miele Scout RX3 priced at £759 with a 60-minute run time; the Miele Scout Runner priced at £799 with 120-minute cleaning power; and the flagship Miele Scout RX3 HomeVision HD priced at £859. The devices can cover up to 120 square metres, and are controllable via app or Amazon Alexa and can clean pre-defined areas on instruction. Owners of the HomeVision model can even check on home when they’re out, as the Miele will send them high resolution images as it cleans.

Improved cameras also mean the new models can effectively see objects in 3D and calculate sizes and distances for precise navigation and perfect room coverage. This also ensures that furniture and other obstacles (toys, shoes, anything else you may have discarded on the floor, we won’t ask, we don’t judge) are detected and reliably avoided, even in the dark. Side brushes allow for more thorough cleaning of corners. Also, the devices are only 8.5cm in height meaning it will fit easily under low furniture such as sofas, beds and side boards. And, when the battery is nearly drained, the Scout will make its way to its self-charging station, give itself a boost and pick up, er, picking up where it left off.

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