The best steak in the world in now available by mail order        

A lot has already been written about wagyu beef, from the highs to the lows. On the former side, it’s all about the flavour, the marbling, the precision of the farming, the lengths taken to keep the cows in question as chilled as bovinely possible. On the latter, it’s all about mislabelling, cynicism, and lesser quality beef being sold under fraudulent claims.

So how can you make sure you’re getting the good stuff? Step forward Gunma Wagyu – which is now available to buy in the UK.

Gunma, an area famed for hot springs and skiing, has put that water source and mountain greenery to a different use, to raise Japanese Black cows as Gunma Wagyu Beef cattle.

The resulting meat – now available from Asian Harvest – is heavily marbled (which makes it buttery and, surprisingly, rich in omega-3 and -6), graded A5, and is priced from £65 per 200g cut.

Is it any good? Well, our publisher and founder gave it a go. “It was thin as bacon, cooked for about 20 seconds,” they explained. “And it was delicious.”

The Gunma Wagyu is available for home delivery and arrives frozen in vacuum sealed packaging to ensure optimum quality on arrival. Even better, they work closely with Zen-Noh, part of larger umbrella group called Japan Agriculture, supporting farmers who are also seen as the group’s stakeholders/shareholders, by helping them to bring their product to market and supplying them with whatever is required.

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