A hard, tough, Italian-style New York deterrent to nefarious types trying to rummage in your bags? It’s either Tony Soprano in a silk suit at baggage claim or one of these bad boys. Capisce?


We’re sure you already have a decent suitcase. The kind that’s strong enough to tackle long haul but with more than a modicum of style. We expect you glide through the airport, smoothly dodging the agitated crowds on your way to the first-class lounge, plenty of time for your pleasantly boozy preflight massage. If, however, you don’t, and always arrive … oh, let’s say 30 minutes before take-off, stampeding through security like a whirling dervish, your duffle bag strap cutting off circulation to your paresthetic fingers then perhaps – just as a suggestion, of course – it’s time to rethink your travel equipment?

Luxury luggage purveyor Tumi has tackled the problem, and then some. Light-weight and roomy, these cases are built from an ultra-tough thermoplastic called Tegris (the kind that’s also used in lifesaving body armour, Nascar race cars and the protective pads for NFL players) and move effortlessly in every direction on double-turning wheels, so packing up and hauling ass to the gate becomes easy.

Tumi really comes into its own when you clock the way the bags are organised. With their cases featuring clever expansion systems, custom padding for laptops and hanger brackets for suits, you can arm yourself with a suitcase built for the modern man. Based in New York but deceptively Italian in its styling and execution, the Accent ranges can be customised with monograms, embossed leather tags and pull ties, to ensure you’ll never be left loitering around the baggage carousel (or wrestling with a stranger over your identical black wheelies).

Featured image: TUMI International “1975” carry-on £1,895.00. www.uk.tumi.com.