Bill Gates wants you to take the tablets. Specifically, his.

Alongside the launch of the rather snazzy Windows 8, which has gloriously brought LUSSO to all existing compatible PC’s and devices, Microsoft have simultaneously launched their brand new tablet – the fully 16:9 screened, typeable keyboarded Surface.

With 32GB as standard and a very helpful cover that doubles as a keyboard, we’re sure that this new addition to the tablet market will bring many more people into the world of app based publishing. The Surface is based on ARM chips, using the same British chip architecture as in almost every mobile phone, and runs a new touch-based version of Windows written for ARM called Windows RT. You’ll be able to download pre-approved apps from an online Windows Store which will run on the Surface. The tablet will also come with a copy of Microsoft’s Office suite specially written to run on the RT platform. All in all, another great tablet device (and one that you can read LUSSO on) can never be a bad thing.