The terrifically resourceful Jones Brothers have partnered up with book dealers and experts across the world to make your literary dreams a reality.

Specialising in rare, limited edition copies of first edition books and signed titles, the bros offer a ‘Hunter Service’, whereby you drop them a title and a budget and they do the rest! Perfect!

The Jones Brothers see themselves as more of a members club than an online shop. In fact, as well as constantly being at your beck and call for any bookish advice, upon your first purchase the brothers will welcome you into the Premium Club, giving you access to super rare books as well as notifications of listings before anyone else.

With everything from a first edition of Jack Finney’s The Body Snatchers for £2,250, to a 1953 first edition of Casino Royale (with the best cover ever, we promise) for £36,000, browsing their website has sparked an urge to collect classic novels. We’d have to invest in a few modern numbers too, of course. And with the first editions of the likes of American Psycho and A Game of Thrones weighing in at the cheaper end of the spectrum, it would surely be a crime to not add them to our burgeoning collection too.

So, just how much would you have to shell out for a stunning edition of The Great Gatsby ahead of the Baz Lurhman release tomorrow? A classic that pretty is likely to set you back about £125,000… so make sure you clear your bookshelves to ensure it gets pride of place.