Nothing says ‘Please, please, please wear this underwear I bought for you’ like a non-verbal box of lady joy.

More often than not, chocolate really is the way to a woman’s heart, especially when they look this gorgeous. Whilst we’re sure you’ve had your lavish Valentine’s Day plans secured for months now, here’s a little extra something to amuse her bouche.

Patchi’s 2013 Valentine collection offers some outstanding bespoke gifts that are so much more than just delicious chocolates. With an elegant and intricate design, Patchi is available exclusively in the Harrods chocolate room. Their singular hand-wrapped pieces are particularly special, even embellished with Swarovski crystals and wrapped in silk. So, if you’re thinking of treating your favourite magazine, we’ll have several of the caramelised almond chocolates please. Better make it the full dozen, actually. Thanks.