Loisaba Conservancy now offer helicopter excursions to their visitors

When you’re exploring some 56,000 acres of Kenya, you need a little help. And that’s why Loisaba Conservancy are now offering guests staying at their Elewana properties the option of, well,  air support.

Adding to what’s already a life-affirming experience, five new helicopter tours are on offer, ranging from range from shorter excursions, including a trip out to the Reteti elephant sanctuary and orphanage to feed the elephants, to fully immersive two-night expeditions into the Rift Valley, one of Kenya’s most remote regions.

A one-hour excursion is available, taking guests down the Ewaso river, through scenic valleys, with lots of wildlife to see along the river, while a two-hour scenic sundowner/picnic flight adds landing in a spectacular spot for a bush breakfast, coffee break or sundowner to the mix. Trips will also open up parts of Kenya that most Kenyans and tourists have never been to before.

For further information on the tours and the work of the Loisaba Conservancy, visit their website