Not so much on the property ladder, as wearing a jetpack, hovering a few feet above the top rung.

Ah, Nevada… not just home to Las Vegas, but also the sole US state where prostitution is still legal and gold mines actually spew out the good stuff like nobody’s business. Put simply, Nevada is America’s hot, beautiful and fabulously naughty Lolita and we love her.

Dreamily sprung from the Sierra Nevada – ‘snow-covered mountain range’ for those who no hablo espanol – Lake Tahoe is one of the most stunning areas of the state and thus often crops up on the silver screen. In fact, just across the lake from where poor old Fredo met his sorry end in The Godfather II sits the most impressive property we’ve seen for quite some time. An imposing stone and wood clad building; the property in question is like the love child of a dark Disney castle and The Shining’s Overlook Hotel. Saying that, we would be more than happy to occupy this unique beast of a property and live there happily ever after.

Aptly named Tranquility, the Zephyr Cove home is globally recognised as Lake Tahoe’s “largest, most exquisite, private land-holding in Nevada,” and was built by Hilfiger co-founder Joel Horowitz. The 210-acre estate can be found nestled incredibly comfortably in an impressive pine and aspen forest. Follow the mile-long driveway and you’ll come across the 27,000 sq. ft mansion backing on to its private lake; the crystal clear Lake Tranquility. A major pull of the estate is the fact that, should you invest, there really would be no need to leave the grounds ever again. Not that you’d want to, of course… not when you’ve seen what this baby has to offer.

You’re bound to fall under the property’s spell as soon as you step into the entrance – the glass dome above you filtering light down onto the 17th century wooden floor. After exploring all nine of the stunning bedrooms, nipping into your 3,000 bottle wine cellar for a swift one and directing the offspring towards the indoor basketball court/glass mosaic pool/ample stables, you might be in the mood for trying your hand at the over-the-water par 3 golf holes. No? Perhaps a little down time in the boathouse pavillion, your incredibly regal-looking home theatre, your artist studio or the 4,000 square foot gym? If it’s socialising you fancy, why not fill your staff residence with helpful hands, invite hoards of guests and host a grand dinner before leading the party down your very big and very beautiful staircase (an exact replica of the staircase from S.S Titanic) to a cigar lounge based on the New York’s St Regis Hotel?

If this absolute dream of a home has got your juices flowing, the estate is being looked after by Sotheby’s and can be yours for just under £75,000,000. Yes, this is one of the most (ridiculously) expensive properties in the world. And worth every penny.