Aside from serving as one of our most evocative euphemisms, the Crown Jewels are a potent symbol of Britain’s noble heritage. The same could be said of a great bottle of Scotch. Royal Salute is probably the only brand who could bring these two pillars of high society together, and do them both proud.

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The end result is this particularly special, and reassuringly small, run of fine whiskey, aged for 45 years in oak casks, then bottled in handcrafted French porcelain and diamond-encrusted flagons.

Taking inspiration from The Honours of Scotland, the oldest Crown Jewels of the British Isles, each has 413 flawless white and black diamonds in the shape of the Sword of State. Golden lions sit either side, a symbol of valiancy and patriotism, of battles fought and won.

The diamonds are courtesy of Garrard, the company that’s been up-keeping the country’s pride and joy since Queen Victoria first bestowed them with the title of Crown Jeweller in 1843. Having served six successive monarchs, they know their nobility.

Each flagon is individually numbered and will lighten your pockets of a cool £150,000. Only 21 bottles of the stuff have been released globally, one of which will remain in the Royal Salute Vault (for posterity, not quaffing).

Master distiller and the creator of the blend, Colin Scott, said: “Chivas Brothers has a phenomenal archive of high-aged whiskies, some of which, after decades of careful maturation, have acquired a rich intensity and deep concentration of sumptuous characters. It is these very few whiskies which I have personally selected to compose Tribute To Honour – this opulent and rarest of blends.”

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