You know that people will Google you before you meet them. Everyone does it.

So what should you do when your online personal brand is letting you down? Contact Top Left Design, the ultimate service for high net worths, that’s what. You’ll soon want Keren Lerner, aka the social media guru, on speed dial. She provides tip-top group training. Or she does 1-2-1 s for individuals who want a bespoke plan for their businesses or brands.

Here are some of the tips given to me within nanoseconds by quick-thinking Keren:

Picture On all your social profiles, make sure you invest in a professional photograph. A good photographer will make you feel comfortable and bring out the best in you. Avoid full length shots on social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter – a headshot is preferable as it’s recognisable even at thumbnail sizes.

LinkedIn Write your LinkedIn Summary in the first person, and make sure when people read it they see why you do what you do and why you love it. More opportunities come to those who are passionate about what they do – and show it.

Twitter Are you using Twitter? Look at your Twitter page. What do your last few tweets say and what impression does that give? People judge others on how they use Twitter. If you’re using it just to watch others and keep current with news, or if you don’t tweet because you aren’t familiar with it, consider taking a course (Keren does a great one called Extreme Twitter – see, or changing the name of your Twitter page so that you are totally anonymous.

A content plan If you need people to buy your services or products, then you know social media is a given. Having a content plan or “editorial calendar” for your blog and social channels gives you an edge. A little bit of time spent brainstorming and planning will save time in the long run, and allow you to batch and schedule your tasks for ultimate efficiency.

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