Angle & Curve enters the UK market with its stunning range of designer headphones, Life for music and style lovers just became a little more complicated, thanks to the arrival of the Classic Headphone, by Angle & Curve. Created in-house by Angle & Curves team of Covent Garden London-based designers and audio engineers, the Classic offers all the advantages and features of other top-end headphone brands but with a cutting edge twist in style and fit.

Sleek lines and a stylish retro-look exterior hide the headphones powerful secret: twin 40mm Angle & Curve Disco drivers, which produce a deep, rich bass tone whilst sacrificing nothing from the mid-range or treble highlights. The Disco drivers also endow the Classic headphones with a frequency response of 20hz to 20Khz, and an impedance of 32Ohm, while sensitivity is in the order of 97 3dB.

The minimalist looks deliberately reflect the design ethos behind the project; the Classic isn’t an attempt to duplicate the past, it’s a thoroughly modern headphone whose design is an homage to a time when technology performed as it suggested. Taking classic design cues and the most up to date headphone technology has given Angle & Curves Classic a unique look, set your self apart from the pack with 5 distinct finishes. To cater to todays multi-use market, the Classic works with any device with a 3.5mm input, allowing you to transform the sound output from your MP3-player or phone.

Available in a range of colours including Chrome, Rose Gold, Jet Black, Dark Navy, Matt White, and a selection of seasonal colours.