Everyone loves Bubba Watson. He’s got a funny swing, he’s always in the woods and he’s never had a golf lesson in his life. He’s just like the rest of us. Only he can hit a green from behind a tree from 150 yards. In the final round of the Masters. We also wholeheartedly agree with him that golf buggies are by far best thing about golf. Until now…

‘You take it anywhere you want to go. Through sand traps, through waters… into the woods, out of the woods,’ says Bubba Watson in this promotional video.

…’And my ball likes to go in and out of the woods, so we gotta be able to get there in the quickest way possible.’

Bubba’s referring to his newly designed hovercraft golf cart. It’s been a surprise hit, with a course in Ohio already ordering a fleet for their players.

Cool, huh? Some of you might be thinking, yeah but why? Apparently it creates significantly less damage to the course than a regular golf cart. Exerting 33-times less pressure on the grass than a human foot, the BW1 is able to fly over the fairway, greens, and even water hazards – our favourite bit – with no impact to the grass.

But despite the hovercraft having a rather raucous engine (if you’re playing golf in this cart, you can be sure everyone’s going to know about it), managing director Pete Duffey was adamant that the course needed the vehicles. Of course he is – just look at this thing go. At $58,000 each, and $230 rental for a round, let’s hope your local golf course chooses to invest their fees wisely and rustle up a few of these to liven up your next 18 holes.