Travel is, understandably, limited right now. On the plus side, that means we’re looking at alternative destinations for breaks. Such as… Iceland?

According to the old advert, mum’s gone to Iceland. Mum, frankly, may have been ahead of her time…

Unlike many destinations, Iceland is on the green list for travel and, while not the obvious holiday destination, Icelandic summers can be quite magical. That scenery, surprisingly warm temperatures, long daylight hours… there are many fine reasons to visit Iceland at the best of times but, right now, “being one of the few places we can visit” is probably all we need. Saying that, wherever The Retreat at Blue Lagoon was situated, we’d probably chance it right now.

Situated on a private inlet of the UNESCO Global Geopark, The Retreat at Blue Lagoon boasts, appropriately enough, a spa offering innovative in-water treatments, as well as the chance to enjoy the geothermal waters of the lagoon itself. Floor-to-ceiling windows look out over Iceland’s uniquely beautiful terrain, while the acclaimed Moss Restaurant showcases creative Icelandic cuisine, with the hotel’s remarkable Wine Cellar, built into a cavern of multi-coloured lava from an eruption that occurred in 1226, offering a large selection of Old World wines, with a particular focus on Bordeaux and Burgundy, and New World selections from the Americas and Australia.

As ever, full details of the hotel, available spa treatments and other services can be found – but of course – at the website.