Did someone say “dark and throbbing?”


There’s a small and elite club of brands that have the ability to cross seamlessly over into the luxury goods’ world. So much so, they’ll release an aftershave that can actually transform the quintessence of an already legendary brand into an elegant and confidently manly, fragrance.

Defined by it’s ‘dark, throbbing power’ of black pepper and invigorating bergamot and green bay leaves, the heart notes have been compared with the sensual feel of brown leather. It’s not Sex Panther Aftershave (which ‘60% of the time, works every time’), nope – we’re talking about the first Eau de Toilette to be released by British brand icon Bentley Motors, indisputably the best in its class for decades.

Bentley For Men has been created for cosmopolitan, self-confident, individualistic types. You know, the highly success-oriented men who are only satisfied with the very best. So you, basically.

Top French perfumer Nathalie Lorson from Firmenich is behind the creation of all of the Bentley fragrances. Using the absolute must-haves for Bentley’s debut fragrance: wood and leather – best known from the luxurious handcrafted interior of Bentley cars – she has selected a strong, masculine mix of spicy and aromatic essences.

The bonus is, it’s not illegal in nine countries. Or made with bits of real panther. So you know it’s good.

Available in selected perfumeries and department stores. ‘Bentley for Men’ Eau de Toilette £59.50 for 100 ml, ‘Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition’ Eau de Parfum £3,000 for 40 ml.