Introducing the Fortress, the world’s safest luxury safe. That’s no mean feat.

Ever felt like your vault lacks a certain.. je ne sais quoi? Safe manufacturers Döttling have addressed this perennial problem by creating the Fortress, a leather-clad lesson in fortification complete with in-built humidor and precision watch winders – leaving villains feeling simultaneously perplexed and a touch inferior, sartorially.

The magnificent steel stronghold is available in the certified security classes VdS/EN 3 up to – the safest of the safe safes – VdS/EN 5, and ready to be connected to a property’s silent alarm system, so confident in its impenetrability that it comes with certified insurance cover of up to US$1 million. Just ten exclusive units are available in each security class.

Döttling designed the Fortress’s interior “with the objective of maximum versatility.” It encloses eight individually controlled watch winders, a humidor made of original Spanish cedar, with an electronic humidifying system and Wempe hygrometers and barometers, and an extra Colosimo two-door safe on top to give additional space for six watches “that are wound with exceeding elegance by precision rotators”. You can set the direction of rotation: left, right, or oscillating.

The safe is elegantly clad in quilted calfskin (other configurations and colour combinations are available), so when it comes to luxury, the Fortress won’t let you down on the style front. If it’s bold enough to be totally unbreakable, then why not look good doing it.