When flogging wine, don’t sell the sausage, sell the sozzle.

The name of London’s newest wine and spirits boutique couldn’t possibly be more apt. Having opened just before Christmas, it seems that everybody and his wine-guzzling dog is talking about the Mayfair venture… and quite rightly so. Unlike your standard wine shop, Hedonism have created a contemporary and innovative space to showcase their wares, with sommeliers on hand to pass around advice and glasses. The owners have employed top buyers to source thousands of different spirits and wines from all over the globe, resulting in a boutique housing such classics as a Courvoisier 1976 and a Taylors 1945. Not bad.

Despite their obviously impressive collection, a visit to Hedonism Wines is not just about the alcohol. The experience alone is quite something. The design of the property features floor to ceiling glass cabinets and, bizarrely but brilliantly, live vines growing up the exposed brick walls, holding bottles of wine in its grasp. Enjoy browsing the wine, sampling the Champagne, and learning a thing or two as you do so!