Members clubs across the world should take note, because when it opens its doors in 2016, Club Thirty-Nine will be the retreat to beat.


At last count, the number of private members clubs operating within the Principality of Monaco was, surprisingly, zero. But that’s about to change, because residents of Monte Carlo will soon be getting their very own daytime drinking haven and professional nerve centre, in the form of Club Thirty-Nine.

The four-floored brainchild of Ross Beattie (ex-rugby champ and general fitness hero), Club Thirty-Nine will be open to private members and their guests only – a small snag that can be remedied by becoming a member. Or befriending one quickly.

Given the anticipated kudos of its clientele, every aspect of the club – from the restaurant to the spa – will be cutting-edge and immaculate, thanks to UK design studio Morpheus, who has nailed down efficiency and function but with a sense of decadence worthy of Princess Grace herself.

It’ll also be the place to go for athletic types, as Beattie’s gearing up the ‘39’ gym and fitness centre to cater to the pros (spin room, cardio zone – there’s even a hypoxic chamber for altitude training). His other business is an exclusive rehabilitation studio for elite sports champions, which means the gym alone will be worth the annual fees.

Best join now before the waiting list far exceeds its membership.

For further information and for membership enquiries visit: