The terribly impressive sounding Thor Berquist, manager of The Experimental Cocktail Club, has obviously been feeling nostalgic of late.

So nostalgic in fact, that he has created a series of delicious vintage cocktails inspired by the 50s, 60s and 70s. Using ancient spirits of the highest quality, drinks are poured before you from their original bottles. So if you find yourself feeling sentimental this Winter and fancy indulging, Chinatown is the place to do it.

The menu includes the likes of a Vintage Negroni using a trio of 1950s tipples, Vintage Stinger with Le Pipperment Revil, Amer Picon and Martell XO from the 1950s, and Vintage Purgatory, a twist on the Manhattan. A range of Vintage Martini’s are also available, using your choice of gin.

Cocktails are priced between £120 and £200.